The Nelson Family

Part of the Letter Collection

Ane Margrethe (b. 16. June 1862 Ryde parish Denmark, d. 6. July 1928 Laurens, New York) and Peder Daniel Nelson (b. 4 February 1868 Kattrup, Denmark, d. Laurens, New York) immigrated to US in 1893.
They brought their 4 oldest children with them from Denmark (Søren, Karen, Karl and Christian). In total they got 10 children. 3 of them died young, but the 7 others reached grown-up age and settled down to a new life in the US.
My collection contains letters from more of them (some written in Danish and some in American):

NameBirth/DeadExamples of letters
Søren NelsonBorn 1 April 1889 Borbjerg, Denmark.
Dead July 1962, Los Angeles, United States
Christian K NelsonBorn 12.03.1893, Denmark, Dead 1992 Laguna Hills, California, United StatesLetter from 1910  
Christian wrote to his cousin Chresten and tells about silent Sundays at the Danish college Dana in Blair Nebraska.
Olga Nelson      Born 19 juni 1894 Wisconsin United States, Dead 29 April 1975, California, United States          Letter from 1928
Olga wrote to Ette about the possibilities for immigration and gives a heart moving description of her mother’s death.
Letter from 1955  
Olga writes from California and describes the hard life and poor possibilities of the cotton pickers there.
Nels NelsonBorn 24 September 1896 Wisconsin, Dead 22 June 1978 United States 
Carrie NelsonBorn 21 March 1898 Wisconsin, Dead 1988 California, United StatesLetter from 1955
Carrie, Agnes and Olga lived together for many years. First in Oneonta and later when Olga went to California Carrie and Agnes joined her there. Letter is from 1955
Carrie describes her and Agnes life while Olga in California and the whereabouts of the entire family.
Agnes NelsonBorn 20 November 1899 Wisconsin, Dead 18 November 1970 California, United States 
Harold NelsonBorn 30 July 1903 Iowa, Dead 18 September 1982 Orange California, United StatesLetter from 1953
For more years Harold and Betty write Christmas Greetings to the Christensen family in Denmark, talking about the family and news.
Joy Nelson Mara Daughter of Nels  Born 23 November 1924 New York State, Dead 17 January 2008 Gettysburg, PALetter from 1985
Letter from 1986
In 1986 Joy and her husband visited Denmark and, in this connection, wrote more letters to their grand cousin Ragnhild.

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