The Millinge Family

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To see the biographies of the main persons, please follow the name-links below:

Descendants of Hans Jørgensen born 24 October 1784 & Sophie Rasmusdatter born approx. 1784 in 5 generations:

2  Rasmus Hansen Millinge born 21 October 1810 – dead 28 April 1886

Carl Johan Henrik Hansen Millinge born 19 January 1845 – dead 5 August 1881
Clara Hansen Millinge born 29 January 1849 – 6 November 1923
3  William Hansen Millinge born 6 December 1853 – dead 5 December 1921

4 Margrethe Augusta Millinge born 29 April 1888

5   Ingrid Regitze Scheitel (stepdaughter)
5   Elisabeth Millinge Scheitel

2  Peter Hansen Millinge born 16 January 1829 – dead 24 October 1903

3 Carl Johan Millinge born 15 August 1860 – dead 6 June 1931
3 Sophie Martine Millinge born 1 July 1862 – dead 6 October 1927
3 Nicolette Cecilie Millinge born 17 April 1867 – dead 7 July 1957

Holger Christian Hamann born 11 April 1874 – dead 14 May 1938 (stepson)
4  Else Marie Hamann born 22 May 1909 (adopted daughter)
4  Rita Karen Hamann born 4 November 1913 (adopted daughter)

3 Jenny Pouline Millinge born 1870 – dead 23 March 1886

3 Anna C. Johanne Millinge born 18 July 1873 – dead 28 October 1919

4 Harriet Hansen Millinge born 20 November 1892 – dead 9 May 1974

5  Johanne H. Christensen
5  Doris Marie Christensen
5  Betty Christensen 


Background for my research

The Millinge Family is not my own family, but the family of a Californian friend – hence my attempt to do this part of my homepage in English.

When I started to dig into the archives I was quickly spellbound by the fantastic stories about a family with strong individuals and very different destinies.

I concentrated on two tracks:

Rasmus and Peter Hansen Millinge

The first track took place in the nineteenth century and is the story about the 2 Millinge brothers, Rasmus and Peter, who both left the Fuen clay and settled down in Copenhagen. Both were employed by the Danish Royal Family – one as a Footman and the other as a Coachman. Both were knighted (Ridder af Dannebrog) – a very prestigious title in Denmark.

Sophie, Nicolette and Johanne Hansen Millinge

The second track is about the next generation – the 3 Millinge sisters (daughters of the youngest brother Peter).

Sophie who stayed with her mother all her life and worked at Wilhelm Hansen in Gothersgade for more than three decades while putting money aside for an early retirement.

Nicolette who married into high society Copenhagen and became “fru Grosserer Hamann”. She became a widow at a young age and continued to share home with her stepson Holger Hamann for 33 years until his death. She also adopted 2 daughters while in her 40s.

Johanne who gave birth to Harriet when she was only 18 years. Later (around 1900) Johanne married Einar Nielsen and together they emigrated to America. 1907 Harriet joined them there at the age of only 15 years.
Today Harriet and her descendants are the only blood-related descendants from Peter Hansen Millinge.


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