The Madsen Family

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Andreas Madsen (b. 31 August 1871 Ryde parish, d. 1942 New York, United States) and Dorothea Marie Jensen (b. 13 marts 1876 in Nørha parish Thisted d. 11 Aug 1959 in Walton) emigrated to United States in 1914.
Which them were their 6 children Karen, Louise, Gerda, Ellen and Aage.. The youngest daughter, Esther, was born in the US.

NameBirth/DeadExamples of letters
Karen Madsen (Carrie)Born 29 April 1900 Jebjerg, Denmark.
Dead 22 Oct 1989, Santa Barbara, California, United States
Letter from 1950 Karen refers to the war (Koran war) with more people having lost the sons. She tells about the whereabouts of the family and the weather.   Letter from 1986 Karen writes on behalf of her niece who will come to Denmark soon (Aages daughter Margrethe). Are the old relatives still alive to tell the family stories?
Louise EdwardsBorn 13 March 1904 in Jebjerg, Denmark, Dead 27 April 1974 Delaware, New York

Letter from 1952
Louise writes about the summer holidays plan – going to the coast of Main. Bobbys tour to NY and family matters.
Gerda SuttleBorn 13 May 1907 Skive Denmark. Dead 19 Jan 2002 Largo, Pinellas, Florida 
Ellen ThuesenBorn 25 May 1911, Denmark Dead 2 Oct 1990 Pinellas, Florida, United States 
Aage MadsenBorn 12 Aug 1913 Stenbjerg By, Nørhaa parish Dead 1963 San Luis Obispo, California, United States 
Esther AugesenBorn 6 April 1917 Kortright, Delaware, New York, United States Dead 17 April 1987 Middletown, Orange, New York, United StatesLetter from 1952 Esther writes about Christmas, their children, and the wonders of the new television.

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